I believe love is a very special connection between two souls and marriage, the official ceromony that bonds those two souls for aeons to come.
I guess I'm a romantic at heart. After first meeting my wife 26 years ago, I still believe in love.
Hi, I'm Rik, I've been capturing beautiful images for well over 20 years now, I'm professionally trained, academically qualified and accredited with the AIPP. 
I believe a wedding is one of the most importants events to occur in ones lifetime and there's only one chance of getting it right. 
I have the experience, skill and professionalism to ensure this is done artistically and with passion. 
Taking pride and producing quality work does not come by accident, it's a result of knowing ones trade and applying it in a considerate and most capable manner, this is why I believe I can help you preserve your most precious moments and ensure your memories will last you a lifetime.

Wedding Packages available from $1200.00, plus a special promotional offer of a free image slideshow.

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